Can Fouad WhatsApp Sync with Your Phone Contacts?

Foua WhatsApp is one such modded version of WhatsApp that comes with tons of features to make it a crazy good user experience. One of the most frequently seen questions is can it sync with your phone contacts The answer, unequivocally, is yes. How does Fouad WhatsApp syncs contacts and what advantages it provides?

Seamless Contact Syncing

Fouad WhatsApp also directly syncs your phone contacts with it, just like original WhatsApp. Once you install and get it working, Truecaller finds and syncs with all the contacts on your phone.

Auto Sync: If you accept the permissions on the first run, all your contacts in the phone book will be scanned and synchronized to Fouad WhatsApp. As a result you will be able to start messaging to your contacts without any sort of manual input.

Your Phone Contacts Updated in Real-time: All the changes you make to your phone contacts; if you add new contact, update the existing, all of it instantly reflects in Fouad WhatsApp. The recipients are sent in real time so this keeps your address book fresh.

Enhanced Contact Management

Another essential for everyone is the contact features of fouad WhatsApp that will make your contact management a lot easier, and you can do a lot more with your contacts.

Personal Contact Lists: Families, friends, colleagues etc. and the list goes on. This allows sending group messages in a much better way and also, manages the communication in a faster pace.

Favourites contacts- marking contacts as favourites makes those contacts available on the main chat screen so that you can chat directly. This is great for your top people that you call repeatedly.

They just have the Profile Viewing enabled on the GB WhatsApp same as on a normal WhatsApp that you canster all the things such as the Profile Pic, Status and more on a parallel messaging app with it.

Privacy and Control

Privacy with your contacts, more user control with Fouad WhatsApp

The Selective Visibility: choose who sees your profile picture, last seen and online status. You will have a say in regards to your privacy with this selective visibility.

Blocking Contacts - So you'll have the option to block some contacts through the edge of WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp offers this component to make easy for everyone. Blocked contacts will not be able to send you messages or view your updates.

Custom Notifications

Fouad WhatsApp also lets you set different custom notifications for different contacts.

Custom Alerts: Customize ringtones, vibrations, and notification light color for specific contacts. This way you know who is texting you without actually touch the phone.

Silent mode (only your selected contacts will be able to get through, rest of the notifications will stay quiet for you). This is very helpful for work life balance.

By visiting Diffreem Of BlobClick Here then you can download the latest version. Also Read: This Modded App Easily Sync with Android Phone Contact List : Perfect Contact Manager

This ability, coupled with improved contact management and privacy features, make fouad whatsapp one of the most advanced tools for telecommunication used in contemporary society. Whether you are managing contacts for your personal life or in a professional capacity, this app offers an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use system of organising all of your contacts.

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